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To a dear, wise and wonderful friend, I wish you a beautiful day of time for yourself and plenty of well-deserved spoiling (ideally with clement weather) and a year of continued growth and happiness!
Wishing you a happy birthday Saturday and a fun and joy-filled year to come!
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Wishing you a relaxing day celebrating with loved ones and a happy, fulfilling year to come!
I wasn't together enough to post this on your actual birthday in your time zone, but better late than never. Two milestones at once is exciting - I hope the move with Sarah is going well and the transition goes smoothly for everyone.

Wishing you a year of relaxation and good health to kick off your fifties!
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May your year be full of joy and sunshine - hopefully lots of it when you're in the UK this summer :D
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I hope you manage to enjoy the day and feel better very soon.
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I hope the coming year is good one now that you've recharged and there is no hockey to deal with! 

I treasure your friendship, and appreciate you so much for your kindness, wisdom and humour. I've learned a huge amount from getting to know you over the past years - thank you for being you!
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I just might need to include a couple of examples in my thesis.

I have done some reading around in the past, but I'd really like a couple of up to date examples that romance readers/writers think are a) fun/inviting, b) useful and/or c) have a high level of interesting, quality discussion (most importantly about the books themselves, but also stuff for writers if it's that kind of site/community)

I'm interested in blogs/sites/communities discussing all kinds of romance (I know there's a massive range), including stuff that might overlap with other genres such as urban fantasy or historical. 
I started a new journal but I was missing my old name, so I bought a rename token and here I am.

ETA - as may be obvious, I've refriended a bunch of you. Hope you're OK with that. I've missed being here and looking forward to catching up.


Aug. 12th, 2010 09:24 pm
It bugs me when shows use unconsciousness as a device to show time passing, as in "You've been out for two days."
It hacks me off more than it should when TV shows I'm watching miss a week.
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